A lot can happen in 9 months

I don’t have any really good excuse for why we haven’t posted in nine months except things got busy! I think Sam and I must have an aversion to keeping things easy because whenever things calm down we sign up for something new. Since we last posted we went on a road trip to Dallas … More A lot can happen in 9 months

Our Day

So today was exhausting. Enoch had an occupational therapy appointment and a GI appointment. Pip had a hair cut – still a very important thing. I had an appointment with my trusty friend Diet Coke and that got me through the appointments and rewarded me for the hours setting up future appointments and making insurance … More Our Day


Sam is applying for Assistant Professor jobs next year and he’s added teaching an evening class at one of the local colleges to his work load. It was pretty overwhelming and the beginning of the year was not a banner time for any of us, but I’ve started practicing mindfulness and it has made a huge difference … More Mindfulness

3 Month update

So not much to report so far except Enoch is doing great! He likes to smile and laugh and even Pip has decided that he is okay to have around. As soon as I lay him down under his play gym she runs over to play too. It gets a little dicey trying to keep … More 3 Month update

Here he is!

  So Enoch’s birth was pretty low key to everyone’s surprise. He didn’t need any breathing or feeding interventions. I had to have more interventions then he did, but by the end of the day we were both doing fine. We were doing so well that when we got the results from Enoch’s MRI the … More Here he is!

Is everyone okay?

Enoch Dustin Purdy was born October 6th at 10:55 am. He was 8 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long when they first measured him. And he is beautiful. The question people keep asking is “How is everyone? Is everyone okay?” The answer is a loud, enthusiastic YES! After less than a week in the … More Is everyone okay?

We spoke too soon

I’ve had a hard time writing this post for some reason. I think this week has been a harsh reminder that Enoch’s situation is much more serious then I want it to be and that is hard. The hardest things haven’t been the things that have actually happened, but realizing that the life Sam and … More We spoke too soon

Pregnancy Updates

People have started asking me again “how is everything going”… which I think its time for another update. In a nutshell, things are still fine. No new news. Cherie is going in to two doctor’s appointments each week. The first is with our Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist for an ultrasound. There they do a bio-physical … More Pregnancy Updates